You have the provision to use the official logo of our award for all your marketing content including but not limited to circular, brochures, presentations, newspaper, TV advertisement, emails, catalogues, website and more.
You can also get in touch with our corporate branding team and they will guide you regarding the best do’s and don’ts to proactive with regards to logo use.

When the nominations are done, our research team gets to work and the panel of judges will evaluate the companies. They make use of an unbiased selection criteria and then winners are revealed. Soon, we then inform the winners. The winners are informed via an official email and the registration details along with documentation to be followed is listed in the winning email.

The winners will be sent a digital e-certificate of Asia’s Fastest Growing Companies Award over the e-mail. They will also be provided with one year of logo usage rights along with other associated deliverables once they have completed the registration formalities and also paid the fees within the stipulated time period.
Owing to the current pandemic, the company has decided to stick to this digital format so that companies can stay safe and avail all the benefits of this prestigious award and gain the right recognition as well.

Owing to this global pandemic, we don’t want anyone to be infected by this virus and spread it further. We also don’t intend to violate any government norms by hosting a big scale physical event and gather several guests at one premise. So, we decided to venture the award in an online format.

There is absolutely no fee for filing the nomination whatsoever.
If your company suffices all our criteria, and you are shortlisted for the award, you will have to pay a fee for the registration and logo usage rights. The total fee will be Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST (Applicable for Indian Companies) and US $ 750/- (Applicable for companies of Non-Indian origin). This fee must be paid via electronic bank transfer along with the filled in registration form as well.
When you have submitted your form on the website, you can then proceed to make the payment. For the bank details you can write to us at contact@ibcinfomedia.net
The registration fees, once paid, will not be refunded at any cost. The cost includes the charges incurred for the research, evaluation process and more.

All corporate houses, companies, and individuals are welcomed to sponsor this event. For any kind of enquiries with regards to sponsorship, feel free to contact Ms. Simi (Director - Corporate Affairs) by writing to contact@ibcinfomedia.net

When we receive the nomination forms, the selection process immediately kick starts.
The first stage is the preliminary screening and categorization wherein companies that aren’t eligible are weeded out.
The second stage is the evaluation. The research team gets to work in this stage as we evaluate the company on the basis of corporate governance, growth, sustainability, ethics and more.
After this stage, the research team then provides a list of shortlisted companies to the judging panel that they deem are the best choice to be listed as winners. The judging panel has some of the top corporate leaders along with academicians that rate and rank different businesses.
The final stage then makes use of cumulative scoring of research team and jury panel for each company and then the winners are selected.
All companies should duly fill the right information and anyone filling in wrong details will be immediately disqualified. The decision rests completely with the jury and the management committee of IBC.

Any company that has the logo of our awards on their marketing document is sure to benefit and will gain the right growth. It is up to the companies to leverage the most out of it and further their achievement.
It is up to the winners to use the logo and the winning certificate to procure more clients and even boost their market share and thereby further their business and profits in the right manner. Winning this award is also likely to create a better and stronger impression on potential clients and even existing ones and thereby can help in better business.