Nomination Process & Criteria:

If you are looking to know the details of nomination, here they are.
Our company invites nominations from varied companies spanning different scale of operations. If you feel that your company has the right potential for growth and excellence, then feel free to nominate your company for Asia’s Fastest Growing Companies Awards.

Which businesses can be nominated?

  1. Regardless of which industry vertical you work in, your turnover, sector, revenue, size, growth, and anything else, feel free to get yourself nominated. The company can also highlight its key achievements by making the right selection of the category the business belongs to.
  2. B2B nominations are also allowed that are filed by different organizations, customers, suppliers, and even associates. However, the companies nominated should be informed to avoid any form of confusion in future.

“The key objective of this award is to give the right recognition to the companies who are truly deserving and to honour the hard work and effort that they have put in. We help in appreciating the real strength of your company and giving the due recognition you deserve.”

The nominees should make it a point to submit all the relevant document and information as per the need. We have a research team and an evaluation team in place who will review the shortlisted companies and the jury members will also rate the companies. Based on the net score and evaluation, the final winners will be decided.

What are the charges for registration and nomination?

  1. There is absolutely no fee for filing a nomination.
  2. However if the nomination is approved, and your company is declared as a winner, you will have to pay a sum total of Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST (Applicable for Indian Companies) and US $ 750/- (Applicable for companies of Non-Indian origin) for the registration and logo usage rights which will all be valid for a total time of one year.

The Registration Process:

If you are looking to register and participate, you must fill & submit the e-form by logging into our website and then make the registration fee payment using the electronic wire transfer method. As mentioned before, the fee for registration and the logo usage rights has been fixed by the jury.
This payment is mandatory for all those companies that emerge as winners and there are no exceptions. The fee that is charged is inclusive of the research cost along with the evaluation process. We value the contributions and believe that it is our best duty to bring you the finest and fastest growing companies every year.


  1. All the nomination will be invited through promotions on different forms of digital media including social networking sites, etc.
  2. Companies and organizations need to have a valid authentic registration in their own country or any other country in which they are operating and need to have business operations in their own country or across any country or geography within Asia.
  3. All applications should be duly filled in the English language strictly and the information needs to be carefully reviewed and verified to avoid any grammatical or language errors.
  4. Companies are advised to go through all the instructions and selection process parameters thoroughly so as to comply with the entire procedure of selection for the Awards programme. This will enable them to qualify for the IBC Research Team and Special Jury level evaluation process without any hassles.
  5. Honest, relevant, precise and accurate information needs to be provided on the nomination form.
  6. Any subject matter or information outside the scope of evaluation needs to be avoided and need not be included in the nomination form.
  7. Any incorrect information or mis-interpretation will be liable for rejection and disqualification of nomination during the scrutiny process.
  8. Once selected as the winner, the companies must pay the registration fee as per the details and within the stipulated deadline.

So if you follow all these points, go ahead and submit your nomination right now.